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Turn your freediving passion into a profession and become a PADI Freediver Instructor with the world’s largest diving association. Live the dream, travel the world and teach freediving

PADI Freediver Instructor Courses

MARCH 11-19, 2020 – DAHAB, EGYPT



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A 12 day PADI Freediver Instructor Course with everything you need to become a successful freediving instructor

Do you dream of teaching freediving – but think you need many years of prior freediving experience?

Would you love to have job that allows you to live a healthy, active lifestyle and have incredible underwater experiences – which enriches your life while inspiring others to transform their lives for the better.

Have a ticket to travel the world, meet interesting people, experience different cultures – while sharing with others what you love, freediving!

Learn how to teach freediving courses effectively and confidently and how to manage student learning in the classroom, confined water and open water environments.

Renee’s PADI Freediver Instructor course offers guaranteed success, with its unique, four-way freediver instructor guide:

1. Learn freediving teaching techniques for conducting PADI freediving courses using a student centered learning approach to support student development

2. Have a full overview of the PADI Freediving Courses – what’s included, how to set them up, the standards you need to stick to and the practicalities of teaching them

3. Learn marketing and organizational skills – tools and insights to help promote your PADI freediving courses, trips and freediving programs

4. Get freediving experience to improve your technique, stamina, knowledge, instructor teaching skills to prepare you for teaching. This way you have a much higher rate of success!

Taught by Renee Blundon – an established freediving instructor and competitive freediver


For me freediving isn’t work, it’s my passion and lifestyle

My name is Renee Blundon, and I am a competitive freediver and freediving instructor / coach from Connecticut & New York. For the past six years I’ve been training, competing and teaching freediving in Dahab, Egypt as well as internationally.

Freediving has impacted my life in a profound way. It is a lifestyle where passion, nutrition, yoga and meditation all play an important role. I enjoy teaching freediving instructor courses, because I firmly believe that freediving, whether recreational or competitive, has the power to inspire a healthy and passionate lifestyle and can bring people together in a way few other establishments can.

For me, becoming a truly great freediver instructor trainer means not only teaching and freediving effectively, but sharing this ideal with others. I hope to inspire freediving instructors to be a positive mentor to those who are looking to find their way and passion in sport, work and life.

Experienced Freediving Instructor

An instructor of three different agencies, make the most out of my teaching experience, my knowledge and my passion for freediving.

Worldwide Contacts

I can help with your job placement with my contacts to different freediving centers and dive shops in the world.

Extreme High Standards

After successfully completing your FDIC you are able to teach PADI freediving courses anywhere in the world.

The sun and the sea

There is no better place to complete your freediving instructor training! Come and enjoy the sun and the warm crystal clear waters of Dahab.

Experienced freediving athlete

Take advantage of my competitive freediving experience and improve your freediving techniques so you can dive deeper with ease.

Serious training with fun

Professionalism and safety is always my number one priority, but never without FUN.

The Next PADI Freediver Instructor Course

MARCH 11-19, 2020

Dahab, Egypt

Your booking includes

6 Day PADI Freediver Instructor Course in Dahab

  • Instructor course materials included (PADI Instructor Cue Cards and PDF Instructor Guide)

  • PADI Freediver Instructor Course (PADI Instructor Application Fee not included- approx. 82 euros)

Valued at: 900€

5 Days Instructor Development and Training

  • 5 days of valuable instructor development and freediving training, designed for newly certified PADI freediving instructors aimed to impart as much information and train your freediving to a high standard that goes above and beyond the minimum agency standards.

  • That will mean that ultimately your instructor course will be more productive, have a higher rate of success and you’ll be able to start your career in teaching freediving with confidence and with more freediving experience.

  • In these five days I include freediving coaching and open water sessions to work on freediving technique, knowledge, equalization techniques, building-up your stamina and improving your depths and breath-hold time.

Valued at: 300€

Total Value 1200€

Yours for Only 1020€

With EFRI 1370€

Short on time? No problem 🙂 You can book the 6 Day PADI Freediver Instructor Course by itself for 900€ (with EFRI + 1 day 1250€)

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