Renee is a certified BCS Protocol Instructor, offering BCS Protocol stretching lessons aimed to increase the flexibility of your chest and back, help to correct posture (i.e. rounded shoulders) and increase your total lung capacity.

Lessons are beneficial for freedivers, athletes, dancers and even for those who don’t practice any sports and want to improve their breathing and flexibility.

The protocol, which was created by Alice and Andrea Zuccari in cooperation with physiotherapists and osteopaths, utilizes the bridge tool combined with specific breathing techniques designed to open and expand the chest and back.

The results are immediate and proven, as demonstrated by Andrea Zuccari himself who increased his lung capacity by two liters using this protocol alone and achieved world record and national record dives. Several other successful freedivers also showed incredible improvement in their total lung capacity as well as in their freediving achievements.

Each session, whether it is a group, small group or private lesson, will include:

  • Stretching exercises combined with breathing techniques to warm-up for the bridge
  • Explanation of the bridge (especially if it is the first lesson)
  • Stretching exercises with the bridge, and learning the proper techniques for going in and out of the stretches as well as closure positions.
  • Final relaxation
  • With more than one lesson you will learn different positions and variations.





A private lesson to learn and practice the BCS Protocol. We will do stretching / breathing exercises to warm-up the body, followed by a brief explanation of the bridge (if it is your first time), then stretching exercises with the bridge combined with specific breathing, closure positions and final relaxation.

Lesson Duration: 1 Hour
Price: €40 (10% off for booking 3+ sessions and every 10th session is free!)


If you are 2-5 people, I can organize a small group lesson to teach you about the bridge tool, so you can practice the stretching / breathing warm-up exercises, the different chest and back stretching positions with the bridge with the breathing techniques and correct closure positions, as well as some time for relaxation at the end of the lesson.

Session Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: €30/person (must be 2+ people)


This is where the party is at! A group session for 6-10 people  where you will follow along during the warm-up exercises, then I’ll briefly go over the bridge tool and how to safely go in and out of the positions, how to place your head on the bridge, you’ll follow along as I demonstrate the different positions on the bridge as well as the breathing, (I’ll also make rounds to correct your positioning and give you feedback) and then we’ll wrap up the session with some relaxation time.

Session Duration: 2 Hours
Price: €25/person (must be 6+ people)


Learn and practice ALL the ins-and-outs about the BCS Protocol. All of the different warm-up exercises (the breathing and stretching techniques), ALL the info about the bridge tool and different ways to use it as well as the three main exercises for the bridge, closure positions, how to safely go in and out of each position, practice the breathing techniques for the bridge, learn and try-out different variations with other tools and breathing options.

Workshop Duration: 4 hours
Price: €150/person


Are you a freediving instructor that would like to include some chest stretching with the bridge during your morning stretch routine with your students? If so, this is a one hour lesson aimed to show you how to best implement a 10-15 minute BCS Protocol into your routine. We’ll go over two main positions for the bridge, and how to breathe on the bridge, how to safely go in and out of the positions, the recovery positions, as well as some details about the bridge and how to best position the head and back on the bridge.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: €40/person (10% discount for 3+ instructors at a time)


For more information on course pricing, scheduling and details, please fill out the form below or email me at: [email protected]

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