An awesome team of experienced
freedivers & freediving instructors

Obviously there’s only one of me, so I am extremely grateful to work with this incredible team of incredible friends and experienced freedivers. They make all the difference in assisting me during courses and during training sessions, they help with safety diving, logistics, filming / taking photos and also help teach freediving courses when I am unavailable. Hopefully, you get to meet them while you’re visiting Dahab, I’m sure you’ll be glad that you did 🙂


  • Renee Blundon Freediving Instructor Trainer

    Meet Renee Blundon, a Freediving Instructor Trainer and Competitive Freediver. Renee is from the USA but spends most her time in Dahab, Egypt training and competing in freediving and teaching freediving courses. Renee is an experienced AIDA, PADI & Apnea Academy Freediving Instructor and a PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer. She’s been teaching freediving courses for 6+ years. Renee trains and competes in depth disciplines year-round and was on the USA CMAS Freediving Team in 2018. She’s a former US Freediving National Record Holder in Free-Immersion.

  • Ben Stagg

    Meet Ben Stagg, a Freediving Instructor, Construction Diver and Adventurer. Ben is from the UK originally but has been travelling the globe for 20+ years. He’s an SSI and AIDA Freediving Instructor and also works internationally as a freelance construction diver. Ben assists me during courses and training sessions as well as teaches AIDA freediving courses. Ben’s an adventurer and sportsman, besides freediving he also enjoys surfing, sailing, spearfishing, slacklining, calisthenics and anything else athletic.

  • Mohamed Hosny Elmleegy ‘Mleegy’
    Mohamed Hosny Elmleegy ‘Mleegy’ Freediving Assistant / Safety Diver

    Meet Mleegy, a Barista Owner, Architect and Freediving Assistant. Mleegy is a talented architect from Cairo, he moved to Dahab three years ago to pursue a healthier, more active yet more relaxed lifestyle. He’s an AIDA 3* Freediver, experienced safety diver and soon to be Master Freediver and Freediving Instructor. He assists Renee during freediving courses and training sessions, doing safety diving and photography. He also trains avidly in freediving static apnea and depth disciplines. Mleegy isthe owner of the well-known Coffee Wheel coffee shop, which makes the best cappuccinos and lattes in Dahab.


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