Solve Health Problems, Let’s Weigh that Against Whatever Negatives you can Legitimately Establish!

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We currently have evidence for a worldwide epidemic of chronic illness, we can argue about how clear or how scientific the basis is for making claims about all the chronic illnesses that are plausibly related to hyper insulinemia right now.

So lets just stick with diabetes which is a huge problem worldwide.

Every 30 seconds someone loses a limb due to diabetes. Having a leg amputated is going to obviously have a far greater impact on they and their family than it’s going to in the affluent parts of the world. The prognoses is worse than many forms of cancer following diagnosis.

Their life is likely to be shorter from that point than anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

It’s a serious condition. Around a billion dollars per day goes for diabetes care.

If it’s true that eating a diet higher in animal products would lesson or maybe even reverse diabetes, than how do you weigh that against whatever negatives you can legitimately establish from animal agriculture.

You can solve a lot of health problems just by eating more meat…

For modern diseases to be blamed on an ancient food is one of the most ludacris ideas I’ve ever heard’

Peter Kleve

We’ve had ruminate animals for over 20 million years…

Source: Ballerstedt, Peter, guest. “Peter Ballerstedt on Cows Being Essential to Environmental and Human Health” Peak Human, 7, Aug. 2018.

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