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A video of my dive the day before yesterday.

No, it is not a personal best, but a depth that needed repeating several times before going deeper again, so just building up the deep dives again slowly, safely, relaxingly and persistently.

I’m finding that it’s a lot about persistence, each dive basically building on top of the one before until the combined force is undeniable. It’s the individual focused effort and challenges of every dive, over a long period of time of being determined and persistent, which brings results and a lot of learning!

For sure I think I’ve wasted a lot of effort in my life, zig-zagging off in to many different directions and therefore covering little ground in one thing. (But heck no regrets!) But the freediving is sticking like al dente pasta on the wall haha It’s here to stay, and by keeping focus, persistence and consistent progress I feel value in my life just for utilizing my efforts for all they’re worth.

So what is it that you want to do? What BIG things do you want to achieve in life? Persist at it and you will get there.

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