Not so Easy

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Not the easiest dive today but hey that’s ok! Freediving isn’t always easy and it isn’t always supposed to be easy, actually when I think about it, nothing worthwhile comes easy. It’s that commitment, the struggle and the challenges that makes anything valuable and worthwhile doing.

So often I find I’m disappointed when I come up from a dive that wasn’t ‘easy’.

I successfully held my breath for however number of minutes and freedived to this incredible depth which required harnessing every bit of courage, focus and effort within me, yet I’m disappointed. Due to this misconception in my mind that it should’ve been ‘easy’.

But by the very definition of the sport, freediving isn’t easy! It’s a sport composed of mental discipline, breath-holding, ability to withstand pressure, incredible equalization techniques, understanding / being in tune with your mind and body, it’s all the challenges along the way as well as action — lots of action, over and over again.

The value of my dives is only created by the effort I put it to them. So it’s time I give up the illusion that freediving should always be easy, as I wouldn’t even want that to be.

Instead of labeling my dives as ‘easy’ or ‘difficult’ better I think of each experience as glorious, challenging and full of accomplishment. And for sure that beats any ‘easy’ dive.

The takeaway – so rather than always looking for that easy way out, just take action and meet the exciting challenges of life. That’s where you can find a lot of joy and fulfillment.

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