Letting Go of the Numbers Game

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From one extreme to the other. Yesterday – super challenging dive with contractions and strong urge to breathe throughout the dive. Today – same depth, actually a little deeper, solid dive that felt so good and so easy that I didn’t want it to end.

For sure, honestly speaking, I’d like all my dives to be like today’s dive, but then again if there were only good dives, they would probably stop being so good! I know if I don’t have enough change, challenge or growth in my life, it would be just a matter of time before I’d become quite bored with freediving, probably the main reason I’ve stuck with it for so long!

So the aim of the game I’m realizing, for me anyway, really shouldn’t be to have good dives, of course that will always be a desire that’s there but ‘having a good dive’ isn’t THE most essential thing for what I am up to in my life.

For me, the real aim has always been to experience real success – success that feels right to me and only I know in my heart what that looks like. Real success for me isn’t about getting new personal bests all the time, although that is all well and good, but for sure I would’ve quit by now if that were the case, instead its success that comes from really bringing to life the best of who I am.

Every day and on every dive I experience real success as I simply be in my own purpose that is uniquely me and knows no conditions or expectations. I think of success as a gift of learning and understanding myself, others and life better which I work toward rather than a number I strive to achieve.

So slowly I’m learning to let go of the unnecessary disappointment of the numbers game of freediving and instead focus on being the best of who I am while living the joy of real success.

Photography by Daan Verhoeven

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