Keep Exploring

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To fully understand and appreciate where I am and where I am heading, I need to go somewhere, another world another place, and return. This has me challenge and question what I think I know.

Perspective tends to broaden when its considered from another perspective as the value of what you know only depends on being aware of what you do not know. It’s like learning arises simply from just accepting ones own ignorance 😊

Every time I freedive it’s a new experience filled with surprises of the physical and mental and sensations of the depth and the water, all which open my mind up to a new level of awareness. This is why I freedive, there is no end to the variety, the experiences and the learning, feeling a child like wonder and joy in experiencing something new every day on every dive.

I invite you to step outside of the world you know and keep finding new worlds to explore 💕

Photo by Michael Kaziales

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