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I did an awesome dive today, which is funny actually. Truly my first thoughts this morning after doing some empty lung stretching was “God, I can’t hold my breath at all today, how am I going do a deep dive?!”

I was worried, worried I wouldn’t be able to do the dive, that the dive wouldn’t be perfect, that it would be difficult, uncomfortable, maybe even a bit painful, and I was worried it would be more challenging and more demanding that I could anticipate.

But I went ahead and did it anyway. This time with two warm-ups instead of the usual three, I knew that the sooner I got started, the more efficient, fresh and confident I would be.

Sure as I descended, there were some negative thoughts and worries floating around, but with solid commitment I found my way past every one of them. And of course, there were some challenges, small contractions at depth and a bit limited air left to equalize with, but each challenge only built up my strength to take on the next one.

Accomplishment in the sport of freediving is never easy, and rarely perfect, yet it sure beats sitting around worrying for nothing. When you know you can, then just go and dive.

It helps to ask yourself, do you want your life to be filled with worry and excuses or with accomplishment? When I forced myself to answer that question this morning, the excuses and worries looked petty and useless.

And the more I remind myself the value of accomplishment, just in general, the more I take action instead of useless worrying. Without a doubt, the more action you take, the more in life you will achieve.

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