Insanity for Freediving

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Cardio power and resistance Insanity workout on the last day of the liveaboard while moored in downtown Hurghada 💪

An excellent workout for freediving preparation because it increases your max aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) AND increases your anaerobic fitness (recruiting more fast twitch muscle fibers, good for sprinters and freedivers for the start of a deep dive’s descent & ascent)

Unlike endurance aerobic training (I.e. long distance running) which if you do it for a long time it DECREASES your muscle mass, this workout improves your cardio fitness WHILE maintaining your muscle mass!! 😎

Then while you are working at 80% of your max HR you are in the ANAEROBIC zone. (Great for any sports like freediving that have short, high bursts of speed or strength work in the anaerobic zone.)

Note! Freediving is partially aerobic AND anaerobic! (I’ll explain below) So a workout that works both systems at the same time, without losing muscle is in my opinion IDEAL!!

Also great for losing body fat esp. in the midsection without losing muscle and increases your aerobic threshold (can help soften diaphragmatic contractions)

So yes believe it or not freediving is an AEROBIC and ANAEROBIC activity. (Note just because something is anaerobic doesn’t mean it produces lactic acid, there are several anaerobic pathways but only anaerobic glycolysis produces lactic acid.)

Freediving starts out anaerobic for the first 15 seconds or so, then the aerobic system kicks, then it becomes anaerobic again.

It can become anaerobic either at the end of the dive (when you’re feeling lactic acid) or at depth (when you have a lack of blood flow to the legs, even if there is tons of O2)

If freediving were anaerobic only, you would not consume any O2 and then you could never blackout.

And if freediving were purely aerobic you would never get tired, the legs only get tired once the stored ATP and creating phosphate have been depleted. If they’re depleted, it proves you were exercising aerobically for a short time at least.

So freediving is an aerobic and anaerobic activity, I’ll write more about this on the blog 🤗

Keep in mind anaerobic/aerobic refers to a single muscle not the whole body so you can have part of the body working aerobically while another anaerobically 😉

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