Getting to Know Myself

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Two meters deeper, four meters away from a personal best (not that that matters so much but still is very exciting!!) and in many ways surprisingly easier than any of my dives in the past. The relaxation, the courage, the equalization, the flow-state, the breathe-up just clicked right into place during my dive today.
The main reason why – I really think it just comes down to experience and practice. Depth for me just takes time and patience in order to adapt the body and mind, to build up the depth (repeatedly!) in small steps and also time to know myself and discover what works and what doesn’t work, for me personally, in my training and in my life in general.
For sure it’s by getting to know myself that I can only begin to understand my freediving. Achievement, courage, relaxation and peace in my freediving have meaning and presence only when they have meaning and presence within me.
It’s taken a long while to learn how to be at peace with the way that I am and also just with the way that things are. Listening to my intuition, dealing with my stuff (still dealing with my stuff) making difficult yet necessary decisions, A LOT of trial and error, also learning how to train in a way to avoid injury / sickness – all this and so much more in my life and in my freediving.
It was only through this long, ongoing process, that I could get to know myself and develop the knowledge, the nurturing love and confidence within me that I could experience love and confidence during my dives. For sure what I experience on my freedives all come from who I am.
The take-away – Life is so wonderful, it really is, so if you feel like the excitement, the beauty, and the zest is missing in your life, try making a beautiful place for yourself within yourself, then just let that natural beauty flow into your life and into the big things you are up to. ❤️💫

Underwater photo by Daan Verhoeven

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