Getting Rid of Animal Agriculture Would NOT Make More Land to Feed People

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People say that the majority of agricultural land in the USA is supporting animal agriculture and if we got rid of animal agriculture, look at how much land we’d have to feed people.

What they’ve done is they’ve included range land in the agricultural land estimate. And range land cannot be used for the production of human edible crops.

The airable land area of the world’s surface is less than 4%, which we’re losing at a remarkable rate due to soil degradation, due to development and urban expansion. A number of reasons that’s reducing the amount of land that’s available to us, airable land, that’s suitable for cultivation for utilizable food.

Yet four times as much land is what we call ‘range land’. The only food producing activity we can use that for is ruminant animal agriculture, the production of fiber that can then be eaten by ruminant animals that can then produce food and other byproducts for use.

Source: Ballerstedt, Peter, guest. “Peter Ballerstedt on Cows Being Essential to Environmental and Human Health” Peak Human, 7, Aug. 2018.

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