Freediving Course in Dahab – Static Apnea Sesh!

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STATIC APNEA SESH! Freediving course in Dahab, the first of two confined water sessions with father and son team, Eirik and Tristan, during their PADI Advanced Freediver Course 💫😊

Static apnea is AMAZING for practicing and improving your relaxation and breathing techniques as well as breath-hold capacity for freediving before going out into open water ✨😉

I think of static like an underwater meditation 💙😊 I find it SOOO relaxing and also excellent for improving body awareness, mental focus and builds confidence for freediving.

For example, if you get a 2+ minute breath-hold time during a static apnea session (which is quite easy to do after learning the freediving techniques for how to breathe and relax before your breath-hold and also with proper coaching), then imagine how more confident you will feel, and how much easier (!) it will be going on a freedive to around 15-20 meters, where the dive time is less than a minute! 😉

So static apnea is an EXCELLENT training for freediving, I highly recommend, AND you might even surprise yourself! Both Eirik and Tristan held their breath for over 3 minutes!! 😳 Eirik got over 4 minutes!! 😳 And they both had A LOT more gas in the tank!! 😉

And for sure by the end of the static apnea session, they were ready and super pumped for the open water freediving session 😳

Def stay tuned! I’ll be posting more about Eirik and Tristan’s freediving course and their open water sessions as well as all the latest freediving happenings in Dahab!

Interested in freediving in Dahab and learning how hold your breath longer?

If so, feel free to contact me or check-out the freediving courses page for all the details 😊💙💫

Need a little freediving inspiration? ✨ If so, check out this lovely little poem I wrote on Seaunseen: Shark Nastalgia: A Poem

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