Freediving Coaching / Training Week – DAY 2!

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Freediving Coaching / Training Week – DAY 2!
At the Blue Hole 🙂

We started off the day with 20 minutes of full body stretching and light chest stretching, then BCS Back & Chest Stretching Protocol with the bridge tool, introducing a new position today, what I call the ‘Hip-Raise Position.’

The Hip Raise Position – Ideal for all types of freedivers and also non-freedivers for stretching the lower back, abdominals as well as the chest, rib cage, lungs, you name it.

ESPECIALLY good for monofin freedivers to get that flexibility in the lower back and hip flexors. It’s a very intense stretch, very strong for the back, so Thias and Chris just went slowly and carefully, didn’t stay too long in the stretch (being that it’s the first time doing the Hip Raise position) and came out of the stretch slowly, taking the time needed for the recovery position.

Then the JC position with Thais adding a hold on the top and bottom and while Chris worked on nice and controlled breathing.

Lastly, before getting into the water, we had a guided dive visualization meditation while lying down, written by and audio guided by yours truly 🙂

More to come in the following days, so definitely stay tuned!

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