Drinking Versus Freediving

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Drinking 🍷VS freediving 💦

This picture shows just one of my many things I did wrong which lead to my unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy insides 😞

Three main mistakes, that led me to gain weight and ruin my health:

1️⃣ First of all, as you can see in the picture, I was partying a lot! I drank a lot of beer and wine, and definitely not in moderation! I didn’t have an issue, but I definitely didn’t think about all the negative effects it had on my health and my body 😐

2️⃣ I ate A LOT of carbs, processed and sugary food that was lacking any sort of nutrition, which just made me feel even worse on the inside – mentally and physically. I ate just whatever I wanted without balance or any routine 🍕🍔🍟

3️⃣ I DIDN’T WORKOUT MUCH, wasn’t very active, just some jogging and bartending at night which I thought would be enough exercise but it obviously wasn’t enough to offset all the calories I was consuming.

Now – I have none of the issues above. I live a very healthy and active lifestyle as a competitive freediver and freediving instructor. I feel like a new and totally different person and I feel SO MUCH much better, mind and body, and I think it shows 🙌

Now I freedive, I workout, do yoga, meditate, drink alcohol in moderation and I KNOW what foods to eat and work best for me. It’s not just a healthy, active, lifestyle, but one of endless discovery, learning and self mastery. 🌟

It’s so important for us to find ways to live more healthier, more active lifestyles, to take care of our bodies – we only have one so we need to make sure we take care of the one ☝️ we have been given. 💙

Do you struggle to find balance between work, nutrition and healthy, active living? 💙

If so why not try freediving 😊 It changed my life and now I spend most my day in the place I love the most…the SEA! 🌊 Maybe you will like it too!

I teach freediving courses as well as PADI Freediver Instructor Courses & Crossover Courses in Dahab, Egypt. You can find out more on my services page at: https://www.reneeblundon.com/services/

Or if freediving isn’t your thing, try-out any sport or outdoor activity. Find your passion that motivates you to live the lifestyle you love 💙

WHAT ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH⁉️ Alcohol 🍷 cakes 🍰 chocolate 🍫 working out  finding balance ❗️ food 🍲 TELL ME! Just write your answer in the comments below 😊

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