Cows are Grazing, Not in a Feedlot

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A beef animal spends most of it’s life and sometimes its entire life on pastures, even in the USA

Animals that end up in a feedlot are only going to spend a couple of months at the end of its life there, if that’s the channel is goes through.

But cows, bulls and replacement heifers probably are never going to see a feed lot unless they themselves as young stock are sent to market.

Most of their life cows are on pasture. They are on range land and/or integration grazing on corn fields and grass seed fields.

Cows are grazing, not in a feed lot.

In a feedlot, there is the grain fed steer and a confined feeding operation with grain. The steers are still getting hey or forage.

Less than 10% of the animal’s life time feed comes from grain.

Yes this doesn’t align with the common popular narrative. Animal rights groups have a loud voice and the mainstream media goes on that side.

The problem is, we are so removed from life on the farm.

And there is no equivalent on the other side, there’s just one unpopular narrative [against eating meat].

And with them facts don’t matter – I could refute every argument, misquote, misleading interpretation in order to maintain a position which is now apart of their identity.

If an honest man is shown to be in error, he either ceases to be an error or he ceases to be honest.

Peter Ballerstedt

Source: Ballerstedt, Peter, guest. “Peter Ballerstedt on Cows Being Essential to Environmental and Human Health” Peak Human, 7, Aug. 2018.

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