Using Carbs as a Supplement

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You don’t need carbs in order to build muscle, you just need an increased training stimulus. Just by increasing the load that your muscles have to lift and by eating a sufficient amount of protein, you can build muscle.

However, carbs can help! Carbs can be used like a supplement and can help improve athlete performance.

If carbs can give you a little bit more umph to be able to push yourself more, that means more of a training stimulus for your muscles! So if you use carbs intelligently and don’t use that much of them, this way your body is still sensitive to them, then they can be a useful tool in the context of athlete performance (given that you don’t have any health issues and it’s just 1-2 times per week, so you stay sensitive to them.)

So if you’re an athlete on the carnivore diet or the keto diet and want to stay in or near ketosis, you can use carbs as a supplement (not as a nutrient source) by having pre-workout carbs.

Pre-workout carbs can be in the form of a benign carb source like pumpkin or squash. Or you can use a super starch like Gen UCAN SuperStartch or Keto SuperCarb from Archetype.

The Keto SuperCarb Supplement is a mixture of fast digesting and slow digesting carbs, it also has beta hydroxybutyrate so you can stay metabolically flexible and have both ketones and glucose as a fuel source for your body to use.

The Keto SuperCarb is a little bit slower digesting, but it keeps your energy stable throughout the whole workout. Also, it doesn’t spike your blood glucose level and that’s a valuable tool this way you can remain near or at ketosis.

And you don’t get the brain fog! Because it allows you to hold onto ketones and glucose, so you can use both in your workout.

Source: Armstrong, Ashley and Sara, guest. “Strong Sistas – Ashley and Sarah – Optimizing Carnivore with Humor and Science” Carnivore Cast, 16 August 2019.

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