70% of People’s Calories Come from Grains, Sugar and Industrial Seed Oils

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70% of people’s calories in the USA come from grains, sugar and industrial seed oils. Note, that none of those three things contain any nutrition of any kind, other than calories.

In the case of sugar it’s empty calories. In the case of industrial seed oils, many of them aren’t even combustible, but they’re incorporated into cell membranes and now are affecting insulin sensitivities, they’re having auto-immune effects and are exacerbated by the inflammatory effects of all the grains people are eating.

If people could get rid of those three foods and go back to eating real food, then you will see that although the choices of real food are limited in one regard, they’re wholesome, they’re healthy and they’re very satisfying.

And you can get by on 30-35% fewer calories, without losing muscle mass, without losing energy, without getting sick and without being hungry.

Source: Sisson, Mark, guest. “Part 47 – The Great Meat Debate w/ Mark Sisson, Dr. Paul Saladino, & Dr. Shawn Baker” Peak Human, 18 July 2019. https://www.peak-human.com/home/the-great-meat-debate-with-mark-sisson-dr-paul-saladino-and-dr-shawn-baker

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