Agriculture, The Starting Point of Our Going Wrong

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The agriculture revolution 10,000 years ago was the starting point of our going wrong, we were hunter gatherers up until that point, we lived in small tribes, and moved from place to place because there was no way to store food. It was literally a full-time job to be scavenging, hunting and gathering.

And we’re not just talking about roots, shoots, berries and nuts but small animals, birds, lizards, snakes as well as whatever we could kill and certainly scavenging. A lot of anthropologists would say that our ability to feast on a previous kill was to able to sneak up and scare the other predators away, our ability to access marrow by, some say, the first real tool was a hammer to crack open marrow and get those juicy ingredients in there.

But about 10,000 years ago someone discovered that we could take these seeds and grow grains, which was a great source of calories and allowed us to stay in one place and allowed us not to have to move around from one ecological environment to the next, but stay fixed and as a result have more children and have more people to work the earth and create civilization and societies, so that’s where we started to go wrong, and what happened was the cheap source of calories started to supplant the quality of nutrients that we were getting largely from the broad variety as hunter gatherers.

Source: Sisson, Mark, guest. “Part 47 – The Great Meat Debate w/ Mark Sisson, Dr. Paul Saladino, & Dr. Shawn Baker” Peak Human, 18 July 2019.

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