A Sport of Two Extremes

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Heading to -62 meters (203 ft) on breath-hold, and after 6 years of freediving I’m still amazed at how challenging this sport is…
As I start the dive pulling down the line, I wonder how I will fair on this day and how I will end up? How much discomfort I will have, how well I can push myself through that, how deep is too deep…?
But I remain calm, confident and in control…
It may seem like madness, this sport, where you decide to see how deep or for how long you can dive, but I think going into the depths is about finding your zone, your place and for me that place is deep in the sea.
“It’s a sport of two extremes – you go to extreme depths but you also have to go deep into yourself to do it” -Stephan Whelan
Photo by Livio Fakeye
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