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Renee Blundon is a competitive freediver from the USA (Connecticut, New York & Maine). She travels year-round between Egypt, Europe and the US to train and compete in freediving competitions.


  • USA National Record Holder in free-immersion with a dive to -62 meters / 203 ft. (CMAS)
  • The deepest free-immersion female freediver in the USA in 2018 with a dive to -70 meters / 230 ft. (AIDA)
  • Freedived to -73.5 meters / 241 ft. in free-immersion during training
  • On the the USA National Freediving Team
  • 5 min 20 sec breath-hold
  • PADI Ambassadiver
  • Freediving Instructor (AIDA, PADI and Apnea Academy)
  • Advanced Equalization Instructor & Monofin Instructor (Apnea Academy)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer
  • Writer of motivational blog with freediving stories and poetry at
  • Founder of Freediving.Life and



Renee Blundon was born and raised in Lyme, Connecticut, with a profound love of the water from the early age of five when she first learned to swim. She was a certified life-guard for three years in her teens and joined an adult swim team at 19, which provided the training to become a life-long skillful swimmer.

In the spring of 2013 Renee left the US to travel solo throughout East Africa. It was in Tanzania when she first began diving in the warm, clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. She joined the Dar es Salaam underwater hockey team, connecting with several freedivers in the area who introduced her to freediving.

Renee took her first freediving course in June 2014 in the chilly quarry waters of Durban, South Africa, with spearfisherman, Trevor Hutton. Afterward she continued training in Tanzania and in the US in lakes throughout Massachusetts and Maine.

Then in January and March 2015, Renee trained in Zanzibar with Freedive International, and completed her SSI Level 2 and 3 courses.

Going Pro

In May in 2015, Renee completed her Apnea Academy Instructor Course with Umberto Pelizzari and his team. Afterward, she began teaching freediving courses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and then in Dahab, Egypt from September 2015 onward. Within the following three years, she became a PADI Master Freediving Instructor, EFR Instructor and Instructor Trainer, AIDA Freediving Instructor, competed in five freediving competitions and taught/coached over 200 students.


2015, RedCcup (Nov. 6 & 9), Dahab, Egypt
Free Immersion -48 m / 157 ft, Constant Weight -40m / 131 ft

2015, Freedive Dahab Mini Comp (Nov. 23), Dahab, Egypt
Free Immersion -56 m / 184 ft

2016, RedCcup (Aug. 25-27), Dahab, Egypt
Free Immersion -57 m / 187 ft, Constant Weight -55m / 180 ft, Static 4:05

2017, Russian Freediving Competition (May 30-31), Dahab, Egypt
Constant Weight -50 m / 164 ft, Constant Weight -56m / 183 ft

2017, RedCcup (October 24-26), Dahab, Egypt
Free-Immersion -60 m / 197 ft, Free-Immersion -63m / 206 ft
2nd Place Overall Female Winner

2018, RedCcup (May 30-31), Dahab, Egypt
Free-Immersion -68 m / 223 ft, Free-Immersion -70 m / 230 ft
1st Place Overall Female Winner
1st Place Winner for Female Deepest Free-Immersion Dive

2018, RedCcup (Aug. 27-30), Dahab, Egypt
Free-Immersion -62 m / 203 ft, Free-Immersion -64 m / 210 ft, -66m / 217 ft.
2nd Place Overall Female Winner
Placed #3 out of 10 in Free-Immersion

2018, CMAS Freediving World Championship (Oct. 1-7), Kas, Turkey
Constant Weight with Fins -60 m / 197 ft, Free-Immersion -62 m / 203 ft.
USA National Record in Free-Immersion
Placed #8 out of 23 in Free-Immersion

Placed #10 out of 28 in Constant Weight with Fins




Renee enjoys expressing her passion for freediving through creative underwater video projects.

She also launched Seaunseen in March 2014, in collaboration with Alan Sutton, a website to inspire the world with creative imagery, stories and information about sea life and diving.


Renee writes poetry and stories about freediving. She also enjoys running, swimming, trekking, drawing, rock climbing, photography, videography, underwater hockey, yoga and singing.

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