The Proper Freediving Breathe-up – Part 1

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In this video Renee goes into detail about how to do the relaxation breathing of a freediving breathe-up and guides you through the entire process.

This is the first video of the Proper Breathe-up for Freediving series. You can find part two on final breaths at: The Proper Freediving Breathe-up – Part 2

A proper free-diving breathe-up utilizes breathing techniques from both videos; generally 2-3 minutes of relaxation breathing followed by 20-45 seconds of final breaths. This breathe-up is suitable for static apnea, dynamic apnea and open water freediving.

Renee Blundon
Living the adventure, and advocating a passionate and healthy lifestyle, Renee is a freediver and creative. She resides in Dahab, Egypt, where she trains and teaches freediving, while documenting her journey along the way, sharing her love of the sea and her passion for freediving.
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